International next day delivery at one flat fee.
Pinky promise!

A Quick How-to Guide

Purchase a parcel bag on our online store or at the nearest participating MyNews outlet.

Scan the QR code on the parcel bag to start your order.

Follow packing instructions on the parcel bag and leave it to us to deliver within the next day!

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3 Reasons Why We’re Awesome

It arrives tomorrow.
Place an order before 12:00PM and have it reach its destination tomorrow, pinky promise.
It’s SO affordable.
RM40 (flat rate, no joke!) delivery to a Southeast Asian city near you.
It’s super easy.
Scan, pack and send. No need for consignment notes or drop offs. Best part? You can use the bag twice.

What’s Out There?

up to 5kgup to 5kgup to 5kg
1-2 daysNext day delivery1-2 days
Purchase Your Parcel Bag Today.
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You can click here to check if your area is covered.

Teleport Pink is not currently available for domestic shipping.

The weight limit is 5KG and the dimension limitation is as per what can fit within the parcel bag.

Our riders will seal the parcel bag upon checking to ensure the contents adhere to the customs rules and regulations for faster and smoother customs clearance process.

If you place your order by cut-off time (12:00PM), your order will be picked up on the same day and your parcel will reach it's destination the next day.

If you place your order after cut-off time (12:00PM), your order will be picked up tomorrow and your parcel will reach it's destination the day after tomorrow.

You're allowed to send items within the specified weight & dimension limitiations excluding perishables, dangerous goods & prohibited goods.

You may refer here for the full list of prohibited goods you are NOT allowed to send.

You can track the status of your order at

In addition, you will be receiving email & SMS notifications when your order has been confirmed, picked up, cleared customs, en route to receiver and/or delivered.
If your question or concern isn’t listed, we gotchu! Just reach out to our customer service here.

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